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WorldWide Tattoo Supply Promo Codes & Deals

Share This! Our in house Hildbrandt units are designed for everyday usage, reliability and simplicity. On the entry level side, we have the Inkstar, which packs a punch for the price. Sometimes when we have a whack of soon to expire lots, we will have tattoo needles for sale, so look for deals every now and then! When using any grouping, make sure you adjust the proper tattoo needle depth.

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As with most needles, you should always check the tips for imperfections and improper sterilization. Utilization of an eye loupe will help with this process. Always throw away suspected contamination, losing a few cents is better than the risk of infection! All of our ink is guaranteed to be authentic and this can be verified with the rights holders of the brands. We recommend all customers to be careful of the fake knockoffs of well known brands being sold on Ebay and other online avenues.

For more information regarding knockoffs, please have a read of our blog, we published a long article in regards to contaminated ink a while back.

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In addition, we are always publishing more articles on this topic as it is a public health concern that affects all of us. We have been blessed with a strong customer base that includes professionals of the industry of thirty plus years and many talented new school artists that are making a name for themselves. Our dedication to great customer care and service has put our company in the fore front of this great industry.

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The tattoo store of the past is a part of history, so are the old school ways. We stock all the tattoo grips and tubes for our needles. All of our disposable products come pre-sterilized with a proper expiry date. A lot of artists nowadays are going the disposable route as it is cost effective, easy and quick. The only other alternative is going with an autoclave and stainless steel.

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While this may save you money in the long run, the cost to get a proper autoclave is extremely expensive. This is why so many people are now going the disposable way. Be sure to check your packaging before you use any pre-sterilized item as this will indicate it may be contaminated. Every now and then packaging can be damaged during shipping so checking the seals are an important step to preventing contamination!

WorldWide Tattoo Supply Promo Codes & Deals

You can find any part you need including armature bar, springs, contact screws and other tattoo gun parts. Our contact screws include a wide variety of metals like brass, stainless steel and silver. Our machine springs range from 0. The offer information is here to help you compare against other offers. As soon as it is part of our program, we will have a direct link to the product page here. Home Search worldwide tattoo supply worldwide tattoo supply.

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