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For example, insurance companies use the regular interest payments to meet obligations from policies they sell. Government and business with big pensions buy bonds in order to ensure that capital is in place to meet obligations for retired employees and beneficiaries. Mutual funds and international investors, such as central banks, are also big investors. Not all bonds are the same.

Primarily two factors affect the worth of a bond after issuance. Bond prices go up and down depending on interest rate changes and fluctuations in credit quality. The better the reputation and stability of the issuer, the less risk and more certainty that investors will receive what they are owed. Consequently, the interest rate paid on higher rated bonds, like those backed by the U.

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Treasury or federal agencies, is lower. Quality debt depends on the reliability of the issuer: The greater the ability to meet interest and principal payments, the higher the credit rating by the major rating agencies. For corporations the story is similar except that companies typically pay a higher interest rate than the highest rated governments because companies cannot offer the same guarantee of repayment. The possibility of default or bankruptcy exists. If a company, however, runs into financial trouble, bondholders have legal priority to repayment of principal before stockholders receive any payment.

Companies with financial heft, a history of success, good business practices, and a track record for paying debts, issue bonds with lower interest rates than companies with lesser ratings. The level of risk a bondholder incurs is also affected by the length or maturity of the bond. The longer the bond is in circulation the more time for significant moves in the prevailing interest rate.

As rates move up or down, so does the market value of the bond. When interest rates go up prices of existing bonds go down. New issues offering higher coupons come along, so bonds with a coupon yielding less interest are less attractive and the prices drop. Generally speaking when interest rates go down, the prices of bond issues go up.

Interest rates change in response to a number of factors — changes in supply and demand for credit, fiscal policy, exchange rates, economic conditions, and crucial for the bond market, changes in expectations of inflation. High inflation reduces the future buying power of interest payments and the value of the principal. The most widely traded bond in the U. Treasuries, debt securities issued by the Department of the Treasury on behalf of the Federal government, carry the full faith and credit backing of the U.

The amount of marketable U. The liquidity and efficiency of the Treasury market allows the federal government to finance ongoing operations in an efficient way at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers over time. In order to increase the money supply, it buys Treasury securities, injecting funds into the economy and reducing interest rates. To reduce the money supply, it sells Treasury securities, taking money out of the economy and raising interest rates. In this way, the Fed attempts to manage price inflation in the economy.

The most widely circulated type of bond is bought and sold by a wide swath of global investors — individual investors, pension funds, money market funds, commercial banks, insurance companies, corporations, state and local governments, and securities dealers. Many large institutional investors like pension funds and mutual funds also hold treasuries to benefit individuals. Treasury securities come in the three forms — new issues of bills, notes and bonds, including TIPS Treasury Inflation-Protected Security, whose principal amount is adjusted for inflation.

Bills have maturities of one year or less; notes mature between two and ten years, and bonds mature between 20 years to 30 years. Investors can buy or sell Treasuries by holding an account at a brokerage firm. Treasury securities are also sold directly via the government, which holds regularly scheduled auctions. See the website at www. By setting up an account at Treasury Direct an individual investor can also sell Treasuries in the secondary market through a Treasury program called Sell Direct. Tens of thousands of state and local governments issue bonds to build, repair and improve schools, streets, hospitals, airports and many other public works.

When the federal income tax law was adopted in , the interest income on most municipal bonds was excluded from federal taxation. Further, if you live in the state where the municipal bond is issued, the interest is also free from state income tax. In some cases, an issue can be triple tax exempt — federal, state, and city.

As a result, municipal bond investors are willing to accept lower yields for tax-exempt instruments than for from taxable investments. Municipal bonds present the greatest opportunities for those in the highest tax brackets, providing a higher tax-free yield compared to an equivalent yield of a taxable bond known as taxable equivalent yield. For state and local governments, issuers can borrow at interest rates that are, on average, 25 percent to 30 percent lower than would otherwise be possible.

The Build America Bonds program, created a new kind of municipal bond and was first authorized under the Stimulus Act of , the program expired at the end of Typically, projects that benefit the entire community, such as schools, courthouses and municipal office buildings, are funded by general obligation bonds, which are repaid by tax revenues. Projects that benefit only their users, such as utilities, airport facilities and toll roads, are typically funded by revenue bonds, which are repaid with fees collected from people who use the services or facilities. GO bonds are backed by the full faith and credit of the government entity issuing the bond and its taxing power.

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But that special broadcast pushed the limits of live television in and opened up new possibilities for future broadcasts. As CBS wrote in a special report to the FCC, the unscheduled live news broadcast on December 7 "was unquestionably the most stimulating challenge and marked the greatest advance of any single problem faced up to that time. In May , WCBW cut back its live program schedule and the newscasts were canceled, since the station temporarily suspended studio operations, resorting to the occasional broadcast of films; this was because much of the staff had either joined the service or were redeployed to war related technical research, to prolong the life of the early, unstable cameras which were now impossible to repair due to the wartime lack of parts.

In , the name of the nightly newscast was changed to Douglas Edwards with the News, the following year, it became the first news program to be broadcast on both coasts, thanks to a new coaxial cable connection, prompting Edwards to use the greeting "Good evening everyone, coast to coast. Edwards remained with CBS News with various daytime television newscasts and radio news broadcasts until his retirement on April 1, Due in part to an agreeable climate, Santa Monica became a famed resort town by the early 20th century; the city has experienced a boom since the late s through the revitalization of its downtown core, significant job growth and increased tourism.

Santa Monica was long inhabited by the Tongva people. Named after the Christian saint Monica, there are two different accounts of how the city's name came to be. One says it was named in honor of the feast day of Saint Monica , but her feast day is May 4. In Los Angeles, several battles were fought by the Californios. US government sovereignty in California began on February 2, In the s the Los Angeles and Independence Railroad , connected Santa Monica with Los Angeles, a wharf out into the bay; the first town hall was a modest brick building a beer hall, now part of the Santa Monica Hostel.

It is Santa Monica's oldest extant structure. By , the town's first hotel was the Santa Monica Hotel. Amusement piers became enormously popular in the first decades of the 20th century and the extensive Pacific Electric Railroad brought people to the city's beaches from across the Greater Los Angeles Area. Around the start of the 20th century, a growing population of Asian Americans lived in and around Santa Monica and Venice. A Japanese fishing village was near the Long Wharf while small numbers of Chinese lived or worked in Santa Monica and Venice; the two ethnic minorities were viewed differently by White Americans who were well-disposed towards the Japanese but condescending towards the Chinese.

The Japanese village fishermen were an integral economic part of the Santa Monica Bay community. Donald Wills Douglas, Sr. In , four Douglas-built planes took off from Clover Field to attempt the first aerial circumnavigation of the world. Two planes returned after covering 27, miles in days, were greeted on their return September 23, , by a crowd of ,; the Douglas Company kept facilities in the city until the s.

The Great Depression hit Santa Monica deeply. One report gives citywide employment in of just 1, Hotels and office building owners went bankrupt. In the s, corruption infected Santa Monica; the federal Works Project Administration helped build several buildings, most notably City Hall. Douglas's business grew astronomically with the onset of World War II , employing as many as 44, people in To defend against air attack, set designers from the Warner Brothers Studios prepared elaborate camouflage that disguised the factory and airfield; the RAND Corporation began as a project of the Douglas Company in , spun off into an independent think tank on May 14, RAND acquired a acre campus between the Civic Center and the pier entrance; the completion of the Santa Monica Freeway in brought the promise of new prosperity, though at the cost of decimating the Pico neighborhood, a leading African American enclave on the Westside.

Beach volleyball is believed to have been developed by Duke Kahanamoku in Santa Monica during the s. The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium was an important music venue for several decades and hosted the Academy Awards in the s. McCabe's Guitar Shop is a leading acoustic performance space as well as retail outlet. Bergamot Station is a city-owned art gallery compound; the city is home to the California Heritage Museum and the Angels Attic dollhouse and toy museum. Santa Monica has three main shopping districts: Montana Avenue on the north side, the Downtown District in the city's core, Main Street on the south end; each has personality.

Montana Avenue is a stretch of luxury boutique stores and small offices that features more upscale shopping. The Main Street district offers an eclectic mix of clothing and other specialty retail. Stockholm Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the most populous urban area in the Nordic countries. The city stretches across fourteen islands. Just outside the city and along the coast is the island chain of the Stockholm archipelago ; the area has been settled since the Stone Age , in the 6th millennium BC, was founded as a city in by Swedish statesman Birger Jarl.

It is the capital of Stockholm County. Stockholm is the cultural, media and economic centre of Sweden; the Stockholm region alone accounts for over a third of the country's GDP, is among the top 10 regions in Europe by GDP per capita.

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  • It is an important global city, the main centre for corporate headquarters in the Nordic region; the city is home to some of Europe's top ranking universities, such as the Stockholm School of Economics , Karolinska Institute and Royal Institute of Technology. One of the city's most prized museums, the Vasa Museum , is the most visited non-art museum in Scandinavia.

    The Stockholm metro, opened in , is well known for the decor of its stations. Sweden's national football arena is located north of the city centre, in Solna. Ericsson Globe , the national indoor arena , is in the southern part of the city; the city was the host of the Summer Olympics, hosted the equestrian portion of the Summer Olympics otherwise held in Melbourne, Australia. Stockholm is the seat of the Swedish government and most of its agencies, including the highest courts in the judiciary, the official residencies of the Swedish monarch and the Prime Minister; the government has its seat in the Rosenbad building, the Riksdag is seated in the Parliament House , the Prime Minister's residence is adjacent at Sager House.

    Stockholm Palace is the official residence and principal workplace of the Swedish monarch, while Drottningholm Palace , a World Heritage Site on the outskirts of Stockholm, serves as the Royal Family's private residence. After the Ice Age , around 8, BC, there were many people living in what is today the Stockholm area, but as temperatures dropped, inhabitants moved south. Thousands of years as the ground thawed, the climate became tolerable and the lands became fertile, people began to migrate back to the North. Stockholm's location appears in Norse sagas as Agnafit , in Heimskringla in connection with the legendary king Agne ; the earliest written mention of the name Stockholm dates from , by which time the mines in Bergslagen made it an important site in the iron trade.

    The first part of the name means log in Swedish, although it may be connected to an old German word meaning fortification ; the second part of the name means islet , is thought to refer to the islet Helgeandsholmen in central Stockholm. Stockholm's core, the present Old Town was built on the central island next to Helgeandsholmen from the midth century onward. The city rose to prominence as a result of the Baltic trade of the Hanseatic League. Between and Stockholm's City Council was made up of 24 members, half of whom were selected from the town's German-speaking burghers ; the strategic and economic importance of the city made Stockholm an important factor in relations between the Danish Kings of the Kalmar Union and the national independence movement in the 15th century.

    On 8 November a massacre of opposition figures called the Stockholm Bloodbath took place and set off further uprisings that led to the breakup of the Kalmar Union. With the accession of Gustav Vasa in and the establishment of a royal power, the population of Stockholm began to grow, reaching 10, by The 17th century saw Sweden grow into a major European power, reflected in the development of the city of Stockholm. From to the population multiplied sixfold.

    In , Stockholm became the official capital of the Swedish empire. Trading rules were created that gave Stockholm an essential monopoly over trade between foreign merchants and other Swedish and Scandinavian territories. In , Tre Kronor was replaced by Stockholm Palace. In , a plague killed about 20, of the population. After the end of the Great Northern War the city stagnated. Population growth halted and economic growth slowed; the city was in shock after having lost its place as the capital of a Great power. However, Stockholm maintained its role as the political centre of Sweden and continued to develop culturally under Gustav III.

    By the second half of the 19th century, Stockholm had regained its leading economic role. New industries emerged and Stockholm was transformed into an important trade and service centre as well as a key gateway point within Sweden. It has the fourth-largest circulation among United States newspapers, is the largest U. The paper is known for its coverage of issues salient to the U. West Coast , such as immigration trends and natural disasters, it has won more than 40 Pulitzer Prizes for its coverage of other issues. As of June 18, , ownership of the paper is controlled by Patrick Soon-Shiong , the executive editor is Norman Pearlstine.

    In the nineteenth century, the paper was known for its civic boosterism and opposition to unions, the latter of which led to the bombing of its headquarters in ; the paper's profile grew in the s under publisher Otis Chandler , who adopted a more national focus. In recent decades, the paper's readership has declined and it has been beset by a series of ownership changes, staff reductions, other controversies.

    In January , the paper's staff voted to unionize, in July the paper moved out of its historic downtown headquarters to a facility near Los Angeles International Airport. It was first printed at the Mirror printing plant, owned by Jesse Yarnell and T. Unable to pay the printing bill and Gardiner turned the paper over to the Mirror Company. In the meantime, S. Mathes had joined the firm, it was at his insistence that the Times continued publication.

    Otis made the Times a financial success. Historian Kevin Starr wrote that Otis was a businessman "capable of manipulating the entire apparatus of politics and public opinion for his own enrichment". Otis's editorial policy was based on civic boosterism, extolling the virtues of Los Angeles and promoting its growth. Toward those ends, the paper supported efforts to expand the city's water supply by acquiring the rights to the water supply of the distant Owens Valley ; the efforts of the Times to fight local unions led to the October 1, bombing of its headquarters, killing twenty-one people.

    Two union leaders and Joseph McNamara , were charged. The American Federation of Labor hired noted trial attorney Clarence Darrow to represent the brothers, who pleaded guilty. Otis fastened a bronze eagle on top of a high frieze of the new Times headquarters building designed by Gordon Kaufmann , proclaiming anew the credo written by his wife, Eliza: "Stand Fast, Stand Firm, Stand Sure, Stand True. Harry Chandler was succeeded in by his son, Norman Chandler , who ran the paper during the rapid growth of post-war Los Angeles.

    Norman's wife, Dorothy Buffum Chandler , became active in civic affairs and led the effort to build the Los Angeles Music Center , whose main concert hall was named the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in her honor. Family members are buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery near Paramount Studios ; the site includes a memorial to the Times Building bombing victims. The fourth generation of family publishers, Otis Chandler, held that position from to Otis Chandler sought legitimacy and recognition for his family's paper forgotten in the power centers of the Northeastern United States due to its geographic and cultural distance.

    He sought to remake the paper in the model of the nation's most respected newspapers, notably The New York Times and The Washington Post. Believing that the newsroom was "the heartbeat of the business", Otis Chandler increased the size and pay of the reporting staff and expanded its national and international reporting. In , the paper joined with The Washington Post to form the Los Angeles Times—Washington Post News Service to syndicate articles from both papers for other news organizations, he toned down the unyielding conservatism that had characterized the paper over the years, adopting a much more centrist editorial stance.

    During the s, the paper won four Pulitzer Prizes , more than its previous nine decades combined.